Statement Making Purple Lipsticks for Any Skin Tone.

Statement Making Purple Lipsticks - Any Skin Tone
You know those days when your lip color isn’t doing it for you? I seem to have been having a lot of those recently. Red feels like too much for everyday. Nude is starting to feel incredibly boring. I’m not a huge pink person, but purple? I love a purple. Purples have been my go to shade when I need a pick me up and a couple of purples in particular have been really floating my boat.

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Hitting Refresh and Giveaway Winner Announcement!

NYEHappy New Year, blog buddies. I thought today would be the day to address some changes you’ll see from B&B and I in 2016. 2015 was a year of heavy positives and heavy negatives. I graduated from college and B and I moved into our first apartment together. I was diagnosed with PCOS. We traveled back to my childhood home in New York and to Colorado to be with B’s family. B&B was featured on a Revlon in-store display and hit 200 posts. It was a good year, but I’m ready for 2016.

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A Revlon Giveaway and Origins Giveaway Winner Announcement.


If you’ve been for the last year or so, you’ll know that a quote from my blog has been featured on Revlon in-store displays since July. It’s been an incredible experience to see the display in person for months, but December marks the end of the ad campaign. I wanted to close the experience with a little celebratory Revlon giveaway of one of their awesome holiday kits. I’m also announcing the winner of last week’s Origins giveaway today!

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