What’s New In My Beauty Stash.

New Beauty Haul Oily SkinGuess who is sliding back into her blogging groove? It feels so good to be sitting down at the computer typing out my thoughts. Since it’s been super inconsistent these last couple months, I thought I’d keep it simple and get back into the whole thing by showing you what’s new in my beauty and skincare arsenal.

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9 of My Favorite Products Under $10.

Nine Drugstore Products Under Ten dollars

Nothing makes me happier than finding something at a low price that’s amazing quality. When I look at my makeup collection, I find that most of my favorite products are actually from the drugstore. The drugstore these days is more expensive than ever before and I honestly can’t be bothered to spend $15 on a product from from the drugstore that’s average when I can get amazing products for $10 or less.

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The Best of 2016.

Best Beauty Products 2016

The beginning of the new year is always flooded with beauty round up videos and blog posts. I honestly love reading and watching them because every product is an absolute obsession of the person sharing them. I haven’t done an end-of-year round up in years, but I am dying to share my 2016 favorites with you because I have fallen head over heels for some products and they are just so damn good.

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