Getting Back Into Blush and My Fall Blush Picks.

Getting Back Into Blush and My Fall Blush PicksI don’t know when exactly, but I have developed a fear of blush. I used to wear it all the time, but now I keep it very light and neutral because I’m super intimidated by every other shade in my collection. I used to wear corals, oranges, berries, and soft reds like it was nothing and I don’t know how. I’ve been trying to break myself of this irrational beauty fear by breaking out some of my most loved, Autumnal shades.

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A High End Fall Beauty Wishlist.

High End Fall Beauty Wishlist

When we still lived in Florida, switching up my makeup bag was one of my favorite ways to fake the changing of seasons. I was sweating my butt off year round, but my face was as Fall/Winter as possible. Now that we’re in Virginia, we’re actually experiencing seasons! Although I don’t need to fake the weather change, I do still want to change the products I’m using to fit the weather and my very autumnal mood.

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Currently In My Brows.

Tara Applying NYX Brow Mascara in Black

There once was a time, not too long ago, where filling in my eyebrows never occurred to me as a thing people did. I would do my full face and leave my little face caterpillars naked. The day I started filling them in changed everything and I haven’t been able to turn back. I’ve flirted with a couple of different brow products here and there and have certain  ones designated for different looks. Even though I have options, I’ve found myself going back to my first brow love, but coupling it with something that offers a little more hold.

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