BowTube – Just In Case You Missed It #2.

Screengrabs from Tara's last 3 videos

Hey there bow friends,

Your girl has been making a lot of videos.  In fact, I’ve scheduled 2 videos a week for the next month.  My last three videos have been an anniversary vlog, my August favorites, and one where I was nearly killed by a Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee.

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Bows On The Road: Iceland Day 3 and Vlog.

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Here’s an early Christmas gift – my first Iceland Vlog!

The third day in Iceland was a crazy long one.  We took a trip around the Golden Circle to see Þingvellir, Geysirs, and Gullfoss.  All of those names might be mouthfuls, but you can hear more about them in my first Iceland Vlog (FINALLY, RIGHT?!)!  Driving around Iceland was absolutely captivating.  The landscape is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  Large open fields, moss, lichens, steam coming out of the ground in some places – it’s crazy gorgeous.  After spending the day exploring we headed back into to town for some food.

After dinner and ice cream, we made our way to Blue Lagoon.  Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa with that iconic light blue, silica filled water.  The entire experience was a skincare junkie’s heaven.  The water is incredible for your skin and they offer face masks to put on while you swim around and relax.  Spa staff swim up to you with a floating trays covered in different skincare products for you to use.  There’s also a little stand you can swim up to to get slushies, drinks, and snacks.  It’s intense in the most relaxing way possible.

I’ve really enjoyed sharing the first part of our trip with you guys and I love that you all have been keeping along with it and enjoying it.  I hope you enjoy the vlog as well, it has been a long time coming.  There will be more blog posts and vlogs on the rest of our trip in the weeks to come so keep your eyes out for that!

I hope you all have an awesome holiday season and spend time with the ones that you love.  Enjoy yourselves and be safe.

-Tara Joy