My Fall Goals.

seasonal goals fall editionI’ve lost all control guys. Gaining more independence has been great, but it’s made me gain this “I DO WHAT I WANT” mentality that’s dangerous for my wallet and my health. I was scrolling through my Bloglovin’ feed when I spied a post by Jodie Melissa on her Autumn Goals and it completely inspired me to reflect on what I’d like to work on these next couple of months.

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Plus Size Fall Staples Haul.

Plus Size Fall Staples Haul

Yesterday was the first day it felt like Fall here in Denver. It was rainy and chilly. The sweaters were out in full force. I made pumpkin soup and baked some biscuits. It was perfect. So of course, I have had Fall clothing on my mind and I couldn’t resist picking up a couple of things. I haven’t gone through my cold weather clothes yet (which probably would have been a good idea before I bought more…), but I think all the new additions will work well with what I already have.

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My Weekend in LA.

Weekend Visit Los Angeles

Oh, LA. A place I never thought I’d visit or enjoy. I went to LA over Memorial Day weekend to visit B and have some down time. Living on my own is great, but I missed my best friend. Plus, sometimes you just need to escape your space and see something new. The weekend was exactly what I needed. So here we go. Weekend Visit Los Angeles Edition.

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