Two Days In DC.


Moving to Virginia means we’re only a couple of hours from DC. I’ve been to DC once in the 6th grade (11 years ago, yikes.) and going as an adult was a lot more fun. We ate, we drank, we walked, we saw the sights. We had a very low key, relaxing Easter weekend and I thought I’d share some snaps from it.

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Reflecting on New York.

A photo of a subway train

October is going to be a travel heavy month.  I have been on a ton of trips this year and haven’t really been sharing anything about them with you all.  I’m currently snuggled up on the couch feeling all kinds of nostalgic about our trip to New York and I want to share the magic of our trip with you.  My parents had absolutely spoiled me with tickets to see my favorite artist at Radio City as a gift for my graduation so B and I took the trip to my favorite place.  If you’re into food porn, Brooklyn, and Lady Gaga, this photo heavy post might be for you.

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