The Best and Worst Parts of Living on My Own.

living alone good bad

I’ve been living on my own since May. It’s been a whole summer of T time. B and I moved in together in the spring of 2015 and we’ve lived together ever since. I had roommates every year in college and then lived at home before. I’ve never truly lived alone until now, but it’s been an incredible and healthy experience. There’s so many positive things that have come out of living alone, but it hasn’t all been rainbows and butterflies. Let’s get real, some things are amazing, but some things feel kind of pathetic and sad.

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A Big Move.

I hinted in my last post that B and I were moving once again and I thought I’d fill you in on what’s going on. B and I are moving to Virginia because he’s beginning as an intern at NASA this week. We are beyond excited for the change and are even more excited to experience real seasons again.

We are moving in all our stuff as you’re reading this. A huge thanks and an even bigger “we love you” to all our friends and family that helped us pack and move. I’ll tell you more about our adventures soon!

-Tara Joy

A Home of My Own – Kitchen Wishlist.

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through certain links.

This post contains affiliate links.

Hey there bow friends!

As I’ve mentioned before, B and I moved in together this summer!  Between the two of us, we have a lot of furniture, decor, and household items, but there are still a few things here and there that are missing.  I’ve been scouring the internet for some unique home items and I think I found some real gems at ModCloth.  Some of my favorites are just as much practical as they are cute.

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