Another Lost Millennial.

Another Lost Millennial

I have another big life change and a move ahead of me. B is now working full-time at SpaceX, so your girl is moving to Los Angeles. Although I’m excited for another adventure and to live with B again, I’m thoroughly intimidated by starting over all over again. It’s another chance to take my life in a knew direction, but I don’t know what the hell to do. I’m another lost millennial. I work really hard to be optimistic, but sometimes everything catches up with me and I feel, well, like shit. Like today.

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Watching/ Reading/ Listening 2

watching reading listening current favorites

What I love about this style of post is how I get to catch you up on my life & share my obsessions all at once. Yeah, we’re going to go through what I am currently watching, reading, and listening, but I also included some of my current favorites at the end!

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My Fall Goals.

seasonal goals fall editionI’ve lost all control guys. Gaining more independence has been great, but it’s made me gain this “I DO WHAT I WANT” mentality that’s dangerous for my wallet and my health. I was scrolling through my Bloglovin’ feed when I spied a post by Jodie Melissa on her Autumn Goals and it completely inspired me to reflect on what I’d like to work on these next couple of months.

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