What’s New In My Beauty Stash.

New Beauty Haul Oily SkinGuess who is sliding back into her blogging groove? It feels so good to be sitting down at the computer typing out my thoughts. Since it’s been super inconsistent these last couple months, I thought I’d keep it simple and get back into the whole thing by showing you what’s new in my beauty and skincare arsenal.

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A Plus Size Forever 21 Haul and Body Positivity.

I was recently looking for plus size outfit inspo on Pinterest and couldn’t find much. Yeah, there are some more popular plus size people¬†on there, for sure, but I couldn’t relate to their body types. Although I admired their personal style, it was very different to mine. I feel like there should be more representation of plus size women online. There’s definitely more now than ever before, but I want to help fill the gaps within the plus size blogging community¬†by being another representation of a different body type.

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What I Got For Christmas – Lip Product Edition.

Christmas Gifts Lip Product Edition

I was absolutely spoiled by my friends and family this last holiday season. Seriously. Their thoughtfulness and generosity blew me away. After opening gifts with my family, there was a specific category of gifts that really stuck out to me. I received so. many. lip. products. I’m so excited to try them all out and I figured I’d show you what I’ll be trying and reviewing in the future.

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