The Birthday Splurge 2017.

Birthday Splurge 2017I know it’s no longer 2017, but I had the most perfect birthday and I need to talk about it. I spent it helping to host an event at work for our customers with some of my favorite Colorado gals. It was a fun and fulfilling day that only got better when I looked up from the counter to see B walking into the store. He and his parents had arranged a big surprise visit for me and I couldn’t be more thankful. We headed to one of my favorite Denver restaurants, Osteria Marco, for a dinner of bread, cheese, and cocktails. Oh, and I went home with a couple of new pieces I bought myself from the store that I thought I’d share with you. That’s right, it’s time for the Birthday Splurge 2017.

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Giving In to Glossier.

Glossier Review Oily Skin
I have resisted the allure of Glossier for a long time. I even turned down an opportunity to work with them once a few years ago (Yeah, I’m kicking myself a little bit.). The light and dewy makeup look wasn’t my thing and I wasn’t sure the ultra-hydrating skincare would be right for my oily skin. Then they released Wowder.

I literally wrote the release date in my planner and was ready to order it as soon as I shot out of bed in the morning. And I did! I got my butt out of bed and added the Wowder in Light/Medium to my cart. But then I looked in the right hand corner and was alerted by a small rainbow that I would get free shipping if I bought 2 or more items. So I added the Generation G in Zip and the Boy Brow in Black to my cart. I couldn’t let the Wowder get lonely in there, okay?!

If you give in to Glossier the same way I did during this post, you can get 10% off your order with this link.

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Plus Size Fall Staples Haul.

Plus Size Fall Staples Haul

Yesterday was the first day it felt like Fall here in Denver. It was rainy and chilly. The sweaters were out in full force. I made pumpkin soup and baked some biscuits. It was perfect. So of course, I have had Fall clothing on my mind and I couldn’t resist picking up a couple of things. I haven’t gone through my cold weather clothes yet (which probably would have been a good idea before I bought more…), but I think all the new additions will work well with what I already have.

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