An Early 20s Skincare Wishlist for Oily Skin.

early 20s skincare wishlist oily skin My makeup collection may not be the same size as the typical person’s collection, but my skincare collection is fairly small. My skin’s needs change fairly often, especially with my move to Colorado, the land of the driest air ever. I’ve been searching high and low for products that could sort out my skin and created an early 20s skincare wishlist targeted at my oily skin. My oily skin that’s constantly breaking out.

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The Birthday Splurge 2016.

Birthday Splurge 2016

December 9th was my 23rd birthday! When it comes to celebrating, I like to keep things chill. I’m not into going out or huge, huge parties. B and I had a low-key night filled with pizza, sushi, and Finding Dory, but I spent the morning browsing the mall and having a little birthday spree in Ulta and Sephora. That’s right, it’s time for another birthday splurge post!

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Travel Skincare and Hair Care Bag | Oily Skin.

travel skincare

The idea of traveling without checking my luggage is daunting. Before my trip to New York last month, I had never traveled with just a carry-on. Packing my clothes was a challenge in itself (I’m a textbook over packer who tries not too over pack and always fails.), but packing all my toiletries in 1 quart sized bag? How? I was actually a little stressed about it. Somehow I got my travel skincare and hair care routine down to its bare bones and it all fit! Most importantly, it worked incredibly well for keeping my skin and hair well cared for.

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