My Fall Goals.

seasonal goals fall editionI’ve lost all control guys. Gaining more independence has been great, but it’s made me gain this “I DO WHAT I WANT” mentality that’s dangerous for my wallet and my health. I was scrolling through my Bloglovin’ feed when I spied a post by Jodie Melissa on her Autumn Goals and it completely inspired me to reflect on what I’d like to work on these next couple of months.

Be more adventurous with my style

Working in fashion/retail has given me much inspiration when it comes to trying new things, but I’ve realized that I’m falling back into becoming a boring and somber dresser. I love my work family, but I’ve been taking their tastes/opinions and internalizing them waaaaay too much. It’s kept me from dressing like myself and I have completely lost my personal style. When I say completely, I mean completely. I don’t even know what I want to wear anymore. I’ll probably write more on it in the future, but for right now, I’m going to allow myself to experiment with different styles until I can find my own again. I’ve already invested in some staple pieces and I’m hoping they will anchor me while I find my style again.

Budget yo life

I am really good about saving and paying my bills on time, but I feel like I could be doing more. I need to budget my spending a little better when it comes to “unnecessary” expenditures like clothing, makeup, and take-out. I don’t eat out often so making a budget for that should be simple, but the other two definitely need more work.

Get moving

I have been going to Barre fitness classes since June and absolutely love them. They’re challenging, fun, and make me feel like a bad ass, but I have had a minor setback. I may or may not have injured my ankle during a horseback riding lesson in the middle of August. I haven’t been very active since.

I’m no longer in a boot and my foot isn’t blown up like a balloon anymore. I have appointments scheduled for physical therapy to strengthen my ankle back up. Even though my foot is sensitive, I do need to move forward with my workout routine. I’ve actually found some at home workouts for people with foot injuries so I’m going to be dabbling in those until I can go back to the ballet bar.

Say “No” More Often

I’ve never really had a problem with saying no. I don’t know what’s changed, but I can tell I’m becoming more of a people pleaser. I keep spreading myself to thin and almost instantly regretting it. I have a habit of putting everyone else before myself and I’ve let it get a bit out of hand. Helping others is always great, but when it comes to a point where my own happiness suffers, I think I need some reevaluation.


seasonal goals fall edition

Be More Consistent

I’ve lost stability in terms of my schedule recently and it’s thrown me for a loop. Having a consistent blogging schedule definitely helps me feel like I have it together. I’m going to try to get back on it. There will be at least one post a week (Hopefully!) during Fall and a new post on Instagram everyday during October because my bud, Merisa of Magnolia Moon, and I are doing an October Instagram challenge! It’s not too late to join in, just use the hashtag #BoosAndBows with your cute pictures!

-Tara Joy

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