The Best Drugstore Highlighters – All Under $5!

Best Drugstore Highlighters Five Dollars

I’m not highlighter crazy. I have a couple very strong, in your face, baBAM highlighters in my collection, but they don’t get much use. I only use them on nights out and Lord knows I haven’t had one of those in a million years. I tend to go for subtle highlights that make my skin look like it has some radiance and my favorites happen to be from the drugstore. Oh, and they’re under five dollars. I also included a little more of an intense highlight for those of you who are more daring than me.

Best Drugstore Highlighters Five Dollars

The Lit From Within Look

Wet n Wild ColorIcon Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana is the best for those of you looking for a subtle, natural highlight. It really gives your skin that glowing-from-within look. I don’t know what it is about this powder, but it melts into the skin like no powder product I’ve ever used before.

The Fresh Skin Glow

The Essence Pure Nude Highlighter in Be My Highlight is surprisingly complex for its low price tag. It’s a peachy champagne shade that gives the skin that fresh, dewy look, but can look intense when built up. It can almost look icy. The texture is very smooth and it plays well with other base products. Plus, there’s no chunky glitter!

The In Your Face Highlight

Okay, but maybe your heart yearns for something blinding. Like a signal from another galaxy is just illuminating your cheek bones. The e.l.f. Baked Highlighter in Blush Gems is intense on immediate application. It’s a pure rose gold that really catches the light. It doesn’t look as casual or natural as the others I’ve mentioned, but it’s amazing for nights out. I’ve heard a lot of people having trouble with pigmentation with this product, but I haven’t experienced that. Most people have solved this problem by scraping off the top layer of product.

-Tara Joy

6 thoughts on “The Best Drugstore Highlighters – All Under $5!

    1. Tara Joy

      Thanks! I think elf is doing online international shipping some time this year. Fingers crossed because it’s worth it!

      -Tara Joy

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  2. hudapervez

    Hey, great post!
    I was wondering if these highlighter shades would suit more a tan skin toned or are they only suitable for fair skin tones?

    1. Tara Joy

      I’m tan myself. I’d say they can work for someone either way. The only one that feels like it might look too frosty on the skin is the Essence Highlighter on very tan skin. It’s not one I use when my skin tone gets deeper in summer. Hope this helps!

      -Tara Joy

  3. hudapervez

    That does help, thanks a lot!
    I will be getting the wet n wild reserve your cabana highlighter as I’ve heard some amazing things on it! 💗

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