Kim K’s Favorite Hair Care Tested.

Kim K's Favorite Hair Care

My hair has been going through it for the last couple years. First I bleached it, then it was thinning, and then it was dry, but oily? It’s truly been a mess. I’ve been testing tons of different products to see if there’s something that could help sort out all the issues, but haven’t had much luck. I started searching high and low for any glowing recommendations of products that could help balance and strengthen my hair when I came across an article on Kim K’s drugstore favorites and the list included her ride or die shampoo and conditioner by Finesse.

I’m definitely not a Kardashian obsessive, but I do enjoy some KUWTK from time to time and I admire how hardworking and strong those ladies are. Plus, they’ve all got amazing hair so I was inclined to trust the recommendation. I tried the Finesse Restore + Strengthen Shampoo* and Conditioner* because restoration and strengthening sounded like exactly what my hair needed, plus it’s the same formula Kim uses (According to the article). Finesse can be found in most drugstores and grocery stores (Walgreens, Walmart, etc.) and will only set you back $3.99.

Kim K's Favorite Hair Care

As of right now, my hair is getting oily in a day, has a fine texture, and slightly dry and weak at the ends. It’s grown out fairly quickly these last few months and is more prone to tangles.

Kim K's Favorite Hair Care

What are they like?

The Restore + Strengthen Shampoo* has a fairly runny texture in comparison to most shampoos I’ve used. It offers a very minimal lather, but does make my hair feel clean. The scent seems like your generic floral hair care smell, but isn’t overwhelming.

The Restore + Strengthen Conditioner* was much thicker than the shampoo, but I have to use a lot of it to distribute it evenly through my ends. It does a decent job of detangling and softening my ends, but I have to use a lot more product than I would with other conditioners to get those results. The conditioner smells like a slightly more herbal version of the shampoo’s floral scent. It softly lingers after my hair is dry, which is a nice little bonus.

Kim K's Favorite Hair Care

Did it work?

The combination of both products definitely added shine and wave to my lengths. The moisturizing formula didn’t make my hair excessively greasy or oily. My hair’s natural wave was enhanced and my ends felt slightly healthier.

If you’re looking for an inoffensive, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, these would definitely tick those boxes, but I just don’t think it does enough for my hair in the state it’s in. I’d probably enjoy it more if my hair was in a better place and am hoping I’ll get more use out of these in the future to maintain my hair’s health once I’ve got it back to normal.

-Tara Joy

*Product sent for sponsored consideration, my review expresses my honest opinion.

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