What’s Going On? A Spring Life Update.

Spring Life Update

It’s been fairly quiet around here the last couple of weeks. It wasn’t intentional, but as we all know, life happens. I like to have a little life update when I’ve been away from blogging for a while. I share a bunch with you all and it feels strange that I’ve left you out the loop.

We’re moving again.

We’re finally moving to Colorado. I’m so excited for the change and to be near B’s family, but oh my goodness I am so freaking intimidated by moving. It’s not like I haven’t done it before, but for some reason it is stressing me out a ton (That’s a common theme in my life right now.). I’ve already started packing, but we still have a couple weeks. Before we get to Colorado, we’re going to Florida for a few weeks and then I’m going to Texas to see Kim. It’s a lot, but it’s going to be a fun adventure with lots of people that I love.

Work and School.

Since we’re heading out West, I’m leaving my job here in Virginia. I’ve been working at a fast fashion retailer for the last 10 months and I’ve learned so much. Retail isn’t for everyone and I definitely had my rough days, but so much good came out of the experience. Working with clothing and styling customers is incredibly rewarding for me. I get to be creative, help people have a positive shopping experience, and hopefully we can find them something they feel amazing in. The whole process has pushed me to explore the possibility of going back to school for Fashion Merchandising or Marketing. I haven’t felt this motivated or sure about my future in a while so I’m feeling hopeful.

I swear there’s more going on, but that’s all I can wrap my head around for now. The next month is going to be hectic, but it’s going to be great.

-Tara Joy

7 thoughts on “What’s Going On? A Spring Life Update.

  1. mandibelle16

    Good luck Tara Joy. All these jobs leave us with experience and right now that might not mean more than working in a store (even though you love it) but it also has future potential and is great on a resume — customer service skills, working with a point of sale system, styling customers, fashion advice, friendly demeanour etc. All good for future jobs and skills for when you finish school as well!

    1. Tara Joy

      Thank you so much! <3 I feel like having this job really fleshed out a lot of experience I didn't have on my resume. I learned so much.

      -Tara Joy

      1. mandibelle16

        That’s good Tara 🙂 I’m glad you had the job and the next job will be even more experience. “Knowledge is portable” one of my first bosses told me for my first ‘adulting’ job. And I truly believe that the farther we go in life 🙂 Best of luck.

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