A Plus Size Forever 21 Haul and Body Positivity.

I was recently looking for plus size outfit inspo on Pinterest and couldn’t find much. Yeah, there are some more popular plus size people on there, for sure, but I couldn’t relate to their body types. Although I admired their personal style, it was very different to mine. I feel like there should be more representation of plus size women online. There’s definitely more now than ever before, but I want to help fill the gaps within the plus size blogging community by being another representation of a different body type.

I have PCOS, which causes body fat to mostly be concentrated in the center of the body and especially the lower stomach. I have a dope tire of chub around my stomach, I’m fairly chunky through out my body, and I’m only 5’3″. I know there’s a lot of other people out there with similar body shapes and I’d love to help represent the chunky shorties of the world in the blogging community. My first stab at it? A little plus size haul of some winter staples from Forever 21.

Plus Size Forever 21 Haul Body Positivity

Moto jackets have been extremely trendy the last couple of years and I could never find one I loved. If I did, the price was too high, the color was impractical, or the fit was just wrong. Outerwear that doesn’t make me look bulky and lumpy has been hard for me to find since I’ve been plus size, but I found the perfect one. It’s a black, vegan leather situation that feels like amazing quality. It has silver hardware that actually elevates the jacket and makes it look more expensive than it is. I find myself wearing it almost everyday because it’s so comfortable and makes any outfit a little more edgy and chic.

Plus Size Forever 21 Haul Body Positivity

This isn’t the first time you’ve seen me in this No Thanks Sweatshirt and it won’t be the last. I’m obsessed. I have it in a pastel pink, but I think I might want the black one too. It’s a standard fit, graphic sweatshirt with a white collar that makes it look a lot more pulled together. I like to wear mine with black denim to make the graphic the main focus. I got mine in a 2X instead of my normal 1X so it could fit me a little looser.

Plus Size Forever 21 Haul Body Positivity

I am constantly on the look out for those perfect jeans. You know, the ones that fit like a glove, are just the right length, and make your butt look like you’ve been doing squats for days. I was hoping I had found what I’d been looking for in these plus black skinnies, but I don’t think I have. They fit pretty well and are very comfortable, but they have the crappiest zipper that constantly comes down. I’m basically on crotch patrol all day when I wear them. If the zipper was trustworthy, I’d say that they were a good option if you’re on a budget and are in need of some standard denim.

I haven’t done an outfit post of any type since the summer of 2015. I stopped enjoying being in front of the camera out of insecurity, honestly, but I’m done with the insecurity. I’m done with it keeping me from doing the things I enjoy doing.

-Tara Joy

18 thoughts on “A Plus Size Forever 21 Haul and Body Positivity.

  1. sammydays

    Love this outfit ! I’m also 5’3 and shop in between both plus size/not plus size stores. At forever 21 plus my struggle is the length, and the way certain seams and waistlines fit. Definitely made to fit taller curvier women. The struggle 🙁

    1. Tara Joy

      The length always kills me too! Whenever I look online, their plus size models are on the taller side and the clothes fit them perfectly.

      -Tara Joy

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