Getting Personal – I’m Losing Touch.

im losing touch

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how detached I’ve become from my blog. It might not seem that way to you because posts have been going up almost every week all year long, but I don’t feel like I’m present in them. I’ve been writing reviews and my monthly favorites posts all year, but I’ve done maybe one personal post? I used to talk about my life a lot. It was hard not to because Beaus and Bows is a collection of my thoughts and opinions, but it’s slowly become just my opinions.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I’m not writing for a magazine or someone else’s site. This is my space and it’s feeling less and less like mine. This post is mostly just an opportunity for me to organize my thoughts about what I want to do in the future, but it’s a chance for some reader feedback too. I want to know what you think.

This hasn’t been the easiest year for me emotionally. I didn’t handle the move to Virginia very well. The first five months of our year here drove me into a very deep low. I was extremely lonely and it greatly effected my anxiety and depression. Basically, I felt terrible and I used my blog as a space to talk about anything else except my reality. I didn’t want to talk about how I felt stuck in our apartment. I didn’t want to talk about how I was afraid to go to the grocery store or go to the post office. It probably would have been healthy to talk about it, but I needed to have an escape where I could talk about anything but. I eliminated almost every other kind of post and almost exclusively wrote beauty reviews because it was something different and positive that I distracted myself with.

Things eventually got better, but I never transitioned my writing out from what I did when I was in that major low to what I typically wrote in the past. I don’t know how to get personal in this space anymore. I feel so rusty, but writing this post is already helping me feel like I’m more connected.

When it comes to personal posts, what kind do you enjoy reading? I’ve seen some bloggers do weekly round-ups on their weeks and their thoughts, which I like because it gives you an opportunity to tell me about your life too. Maybe that’s something I’ll try in 2017.

Thanks for being here through the good times and the hard times. You’re the best.

-Tara Joy

16 thoughts on “Getting Personal – I’m Losing Touch.

  1. sandraytsai

    I can totally relate to you on this– I started my blog just recording personal experiences and things, but lately I’ve just been doing a lot of fashion/recipe/beauty posts. A goal for 2017 for me is to put up more personal posts as I hope people can relate to them! I also feel like I’m losing touch with how to write personal posts… so I am trying to find that part of me back haha. 🙂

  2. Pl

    So there I was waltzing down the aisles at CVS – trying to remember that Fabulous Mascara you raved about…
    I love your tips, lists, ideas and bargains. You’ve inspired me – time and again…
    Look at how many people “like” you…t
    hink of the dozens who don’t have time to vote~~~

    Keep it up, Tara…ypu have a broad ( no pun intended) audience…

    I could be your …your…aunt’s age!

    Only do this if you are having fun.
    I am!
    A Fan,
    Page Larkin – San Francisco

    1. Tara Joy

      Page! This means so much to me. You’re one of my first readers and I’m so happy you’re still here years later. You always make my day!

      -Tara Joy

      1. Pl

        Happy New Year and Happy Birthday! so…think about branching out to Instagram…and Pinterest…you are a natural.

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