Fall Plus Size ASOS Wishlist Under $25

Fall Plus Size ASOS Wishlist Under $25

The best part of moving to Virginia has been experiencing actual seasons. Fall is slowly creeping its way in and I’ve been loving it! Unfortunately, my wardrobe is lacking. I have a heap of Summer and Winter clothes, but nothing for in between weather so I’ve either been freezing my buns off or sweating buckets. It’s about time I get some transitional pieces. How about a little Fall inspired, Plus Size, ASOS Wishlist where everything is under $25? Sounds good to me.

I want my Fall wardrobe to feel easy. I try to exclusively invest in pieces that all work together in a variety of ways to make getting ready easy and to keep me looking put together. My look is always a bit monochromatic, but I love mixing in touches of the colors of the season. A little bit of olive and blush in the Fall keeps things fresh and I tend to layer them with black, white, and gray.
I’ve been looking for pinafores everywhere and haven’t had much luck finding them in my size. Leave it to ASOS to have them in plus and have multiple styles! I love the classic skater style and imagine wearing a thin sweater underneath with some dark tights. The midi style looks so modern and fresh.
I love little touches of leopard print to add interest to any outfit. The leopard flats are actually wide fit (I’ve got wide feet, so this is music to my ears.)! They would look gorgeous with dark denim and that long sleeved gray top with the slit detail in the back. The double buckle belt could act as the perfect detail over the midi pinafore dress or some basic black denim.
ASOS are currently doing a 25% off Women’s layering pieces so I’m definitely going to hop onto the sale!
-Tara Joy

6 thoughts on “Fall Plus Size ASOS Wishlist Under $25

  1. mandibelle16

    Great picks Tara Joy. ASOS always has such variety of clothing items and is great place to shop. I love how even in Canada, there prices are good and the shipping free. Have you tried Forever 21? They have curvy girl sizes and well and are inexpensive. I think you might like them too 🙂

    1. Tara Joy

      I have! I actually work in a mall with a huge Forever 21 and I go in there all the time! I’ll have to do a wishlist post for there too.

      -Tara Joy

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