An Extremely Overdue Drugstore Lipstick Declutter.


I haven’t sorted my makeup collection since this time last year. It’s slowly grown out of control and I’ve just been realizing how many of my products are neglected, half used, or even expired. Having a bunch of products makes me feels so incredibly overwhelmed not only because there’s so much choice, but because there’s no way I’ll ever use it all. I only have one face. I decided to get back into decluttering (and YouTube!) by going through my drugstore lipsticks and I already feel better about my collection. There’s nothing quite like a little drugstore lipstick declutter to make me feel like Marie Kondo.

Looking at all of my lip products was like traveling back in time. I still had products that I had first bought years ago when I started blogging even though they were beyond expired. Apparently, I loved sheer lipsticks in bold shades. Exhibit A – Revlon Lip Butters. Oh, and I loved pale, Barbie pink lips a la Nicki Minaj. I’m glad I grew out of both of those styles and started wearing slightly more flattering shades.

It’s pretty obvious I love Fall/Winter shades because I barely have any Spring/Summer “appropriate” lipsticks. Vampy and moody shades are my go-to’s for making me feel confident so I wear them year round. If something as simple as swiping on some lipstick can make me feel good about myself, why not do it? I ended up getting rid of any shades that made me feel insecure or not myself when I wear them as well and I’m so happy to have a collection of lippies that I love.

I was beyond ruthless in deciding what to keep and what had to go. In the end, I got rid of 14 lipsticks and kept 11.  Although I feel accomplished, that 11 doesn’t include my lip liners or higher end lipsticks, but those declutters will come another day.

-Tara Joy

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