Podcasts For People Who Love Stories.


I love stories. I love hearing about other people’s lives and experiences. It’s part of why I love blogging. So it’s not really a big surprise that I’ve fallen head over heels for podcasts. I’ve religiously been listening to podcasts since summer 2015 (Better late than never, I guess.) and I feel like I haven’t really been talking about what I’ve loved listening to. I’ve been listening to a wide variety of genres and still have only scratched the surface. Let’s start on my favorites. These are podcasts for people who love stories.

The Old ClassicThis American Life has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. I listened on road trips with my parents from the back seat. I listened on drives to visit B in college from the driver’s seat and now I’m listening all the time from, well, anywhere. There’s nothing like Ira Glass filling you in on the details of people trying to be things they aren’t while I’m at the gym or prepping dinner. This American Life is like being plunked into someone else’s reality and feeling their pain, confusion, elation, and frustration. It becomes so real for me and more often than not, it makes me cry.

The Recent Obsession – I’ve recently sunken in deep into Reply All, a podcast all about the internet (most of the time). It’s not hard to get sucked into a story when PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman are telling it, especially when there’s built in comic relief (aka every time they make fun of each other. Their laughs are booming and infectious.) PJ and Alex really feed off of each other to make their episodes feel more like you’re at the bar with a couple of friends and they’re telling you all about how one of them experimented with taking LSD before work. They have an awesome list for Reply All virgins of their favorite episodes that includes some of my favorites too. The Cathedral took me on a roller coaster of emotion that eventually caused a full on cry fest. Don’t listen before work unless you want to go in looking like an emotional mess. Oh, and if you loved Serial, you’ll love their mini series on a blogger in jail convicted of murder.

The Newbie – I’m very very very new to The Moth, but I’m already loving it. It’s story-telling done in an extremely raw way. I haven’t settled on a favorite yet, but when I do I’ll definitely be tweeting about them. One I do remember loving is one about children who travel to a special therapy that helps them deal with unexpected loss. I can’t seem to find the episode online, but they’re all available on iTunes.

-Tara Joy

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