Important Blog Changes!

Don’t worry, things aren’t changing too much. Things are mostly just changing for me. B&B is going to become a self-hosted space on the Internet as of tomorrow.

The only change you’ll feel as a reader is if you’re only following B&B on You won’t get those awesome email notifications every time I post, but you will still see my posts in the WordPress reader. In order to get notified of new posts and keep up with B&B in general, I suggest following Beaus and Bows on Bloglovin‘, Facebook, or Twitter. You’ll be notified of new posts whenever they’re published and we’ll get to talk more too!

I’m taking the reins on my space of the Internet in order to make B&B better for you and me. I’ll be able to have more creative control over the view of my blog and will be able to offer you all more in the future.

Fingers crossed everything goes well with this change! Things will be back to normal soon.

-Tara Joy

17 thoughts on “Important Blog Changes!

  1. blushfix

    Good luck with your move! If you don’t mind me asking, which self-hosting site are you going with? You should do a post about the process after everything gets settled! I’m sure a lot of bloggers would be interested! 🙂

    1. beausandbows

      I think you used to be able to in the past, but that’s since changed. At least that’s what I understood from the documents I read before beginning the transfer.

      -Tara Joy

  2. agshap

    Good luck with the change…change is good. I usually read from Reader before I even check my email….so will be there anyway….sometimes emails just get to be too many….looking forward to your blog.

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