Two Days In DC.


Moving to Virginia means we’re only a couple of hours from DC. I’ve been to DC once in the 6th grade (11 years ago, yikes.) and going as an adult was a lot more fun. We ate, we drank, we walked, we saw the sights. We had a very low key, relaxing Easter weekend and I thought I’d share some snaps from it.

Butcher's Hot Dogs and Rolls at Founding FarmersWhen we were planning what we wanted to do last weekend, we mostly looked at restaurants we wanted to eat at. Founding Farmers was very high on our list, but had no available reservations even 4 days in advance. While we were wandering around Saturday morning, we happened to walk by Founding Farmers and decided to stop in and see how long the wait would be. We weren’t particularly hungry yet, so waiting an hour and fifteen minutes was no big deal. We wandered around the National Mall until our wait time was up and then settled in for some lunch. B had the Butcher’s Hot Dogs and Rolls and I munched on the Rice and Bean Burger with Smoked Tofu. Oh, and I had a Vanilla Scratch Soda. It was  crazy refreshing.Cherry BlossomsIt’s been unseasonably warm these last couple of weeks and it’s caused the cherry blossoms to fully bloom early. Seeing the cherry blossoms was the main purpose for our trip and they did not disappoint. We spent most of the weekend oohing and ahhing at how gorgeous they are.Jefferson Memorial at sunsetSaturday was our low key tourist day. We went and saw some of the national monuments that I couldn’t remember seeing way back when. It was our first time visiting the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial as well as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial and they were both so incredibly moving.B at NASA HQ

Since B works at NASA, it only seemed fitting that we visited NASA HQ. You don’t know what a proud lady this guy makes me. Thank you, B, for an incredible weekend and thank you for walking slower when my foot hurt.

-Tara Joy

23 thoughts on “Two Days In DC.

  1. I'm Holly

    Lovely photos 🙂 I went to DC for a day back in 2011 (I was staying in New York and travelled down by coach!) I really loved seeing the sights, it’s an impressive place 🙂 x

  2. Mrs.Dee

    You see things in D.c quite in a different light when you visit there as an adult,my hubby and i did the whole DMV trip last summer….it was awesome!

  3. Lashon

    Good to here! I live here in DC and want to move some where else. I guess we all want something different sometimes. Keep up the good work!

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