Getting Personal – PCOS.


Hey there bow friends,

Today we’re going to be talking about PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  I was diagnosed with PCOS midsummer and have been learning more about my symptoms and health since.  Today I figured I’d let you guys in on what it’s like to have PCOS because it is actually pretty common.  Oh, and a word of warning, I talk about my period a lot.

PCOS affects both of my ovaries. The cysts inhibit my ovaries’ ability to ovulate, which may make it hard for me to get pregnant in the future.  The cysts also cause an imbalance of female sex hormones in my body.  I get into how that causes changes in my body in the video.

I mentioned in the video that I had blood tests and ultrasounds during my diagnosis period.  Besides having PCOS and being chubby, I’m completely healthy.  My blood work came out great.  My cholesterol, blood pressure, vitamin levels, and everything in between is all good.

I had been dealing with the symptoms of PCOS for years and had no idea.  I encourage you all to take care of yourself and to be more aware of your bodies.  If you are dealing with PCOS and you’re feeling as down as I was when I was diagnosed, don’t be afraid to look for support groups in your area or even online.  I’ve found them to be incredibly helpful.  It helps me remember that I’m not alone in this and of course, neither are you.


I’ll update you all on my health some time in the future.  Thanks for getting real personal about my lady parts today.  You guys are the best.

We shall talk soon.

-Tara Joy

19 thoughts on “Getting Personal – PCOS.

  1. luckydesignlady

    Thank you for talking about this! I was diagnosed with PCOS about 14 years ago, when I was 16, and have struggled with my weight for as long. The struggle is ongoing…but I do have two beautiful daughters! I want to stress to you that if you are sexually active, and you DO lose weight, you are incredibly likely to get pregnant. Lol all three of my pregnancies happened after a 20+ lb. weight loss. Seriously, don’t forget about this. Want to know the most frustrating thing about PCOS though, in my opinion? Above all else, it’s the excess of body hair. I don’t want a freakin’ mustache, and the fact that I have to shave my toes and the tops of my feet creeps me out. Haha

    1. beausandbows

      I feel that excess body hair thing. I’ve got hair on my toes, tummy, low back, and a baby mustache. It’s quite annoying, but not a big deal. It’s been hard for me to lose weight, but I have been doing it slowly!

      -Tara Joy

  2. Selena Hannah

    I remember this being a possibility for me, but my tests came out negative. It turns out, the reason I didn’t have a period for 18 months after coming off the pill was I had a severe drug dependency and my body didn’t know what to do. I had to take drugs to induce my periods to teach my body how. It was scary, but it was worth it for my almost 7 month of pregnancy. I wish you the best of luck with your health.

  3. A.D!!

    I’ve been diagnosed with PCOS too. It has made my body go crazy in the last one year. The doctors told me to lose weight and I am struggling with that cause I can NEVER stick to a routine lol 😛 Lets see how it goes anyways. Good luck to you. Hugs.

    1. beausandbows

      My body has been freaking out too! Losing weight is harder with PCOS, but totally possible. It’s been really hard for me too because of the whole routine thing, but we can do it!

      -Tara Joy

  4. thefashionablysavant

    Thank you for sharing this! I was diagnosed with PCOS after a grapefruit sized cyst burst on my ovary causing me to be rushed to the ER. Aside from the chubbyness and irregular and sometimes painful and long periods I thankfully am not suffering as severely as some women. It’s a disease that impacts at least 1 in 3 women and sadly not that much research or discussion is had about it. I am so glad to see more women openly talking about it and more visibility. It’s scary when you are first diagnosed but thankfully of it is caught and regulated there shouldn’t be too much concern. I wish you well in your further treatment and thank you again for opening up about this!

    1. beausandbows

      Thank you for commenting! I am also extremely blessed to not have to suffer as much as other women with PCOS do. It’s the most common endocrine disorder and I don’t think people are conscious of how many women deal with it. It was scary initially, but I feel better for knowing my body better. I wish you well too <3

      -Tara Joy

  5. Yazzi (thePrettyPom)

    Thank you for opening yourself up and sharing your experience. I had heard of PCOS before, but had no idea what it was. I’m about to do more research because I believe this may be an issue that I have been dealing with for years, but have never been tested. This is so interesting and, while I would like to not have anything at all, it would nice if I could find some answers about what’s going on with my body. Thanks again!

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  7. Abryllya

    Thank you for sharing this! One of my friends has PCOS and like the previous commenter she has been pregnant too after losing weight! I thought I had it because I have excess body hair but I don’t so I don’t know what I can blame that on anymore lol.

    1. beausandbows

      Of course (: I have friends who felt that way too. Sometimes it’s just a genetic thing! Extra body hair isn’t that big a deal, but it can be annoying and not be the best for our self esteem. But body hair or no body hair, you’re beautiful!

      -Tara Joy

  8. urubanisar

    I have been dealing with this for about 5 years. I have dealt with it’s horrible symptoms and tried almost all “treatments” but what I have learnt is that it can be controlled through a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle and medicines cause more harm than they do good.
    If you have any questions regarding this or just want someone to talk to feel free since I have done a great deal of research on this 🙂
    Its very normal and you don’t have to worry about it. Just focus on being healthy 🙂

    1. beausandbows

      Thanks so much for your support! I have a very good understanding of it and actually studied it during my time at school for my health degree. I’m just working on eating a little more low-carb and being more active. So far so good!

      -Tara Joy

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