Beauty Exploration: Line Design.

Black Track Fluid lineHey there, bow friends!

I’m a huge fan of some liquid liner action, but have recently ended up spending some money on a gel liner from MAC.  How did this happen?  I was persuaded by a MAC girl who knew just what to say to get me to hand over my card.  That’s beside the point.  I got to participate in a special MAC event for the summer and my MUA and I decided to play around with a more angular and interesting eyeliner look.  With a MAC 266 and a steady hand, I somehow magically executed the perfect flick with a thumbs up and compliment on my handy work from the MUA.  

How was that magic possible?  Well.  It’s all about the approach.  The angled brush was fantastic to creating a clean sketch and allowed a lot of control.  This tiny sketch of a baby triangle lead from the lower lash line in the direction of the tail of my eyebrow as reference.  It was surprisingly simple.  Plus, the 266 is my brush of choice to define and fill in my brows.  I think more than one use justifies a purchase.

So what do I think of the Blacktrack Fluidline gel liner?  At first it was love.  Easy, smooth application and a decent amount of opacity.  About 3 hours later, I noticed it transferred onto my crease area.  Oi.  Now I don’t have oily lids and have never experienced transferring from my Milani Eyetech Extreme liner or the Maybelline Gel liner (buy this at like Walmart or walgreens for a price around $5.50.  It’s marked up at Ulta,) For such a decently pricy product with a big following, I’m surprised it didn’t exceed my expectations.  

I hope you guys enjoyed my slightly scattered thoughts on the liner as well as a recap on my love for the good old MAC 266.  Maybe with some trial and error I’ll figure out how to make the liner last.  Have any tips? Let me know!

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy ❤



22 thoughts on “Beauty Exploration: Line Design.

  1. sirwin17

    M.A.C black track is legendary, but Dior’s art pen is the easiest eye liner to use ever. Highly recommend. I used to be so challenged with eye liner, but even “I” can do cat eyes now lol Love this post!!

  2. tammip

    I’m very satisfied about the Mac black gel liner! But after a while it dries out very quickly, which is a shame! But like sirwin 17 said, the art pen from dior is so good! And I recommend the master drama pen from maybelline! Same as Dior but cheaper! X Tamara

  3. Jennifer Barron

    Loving your blog! I nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog! Bascially it’s a great way for bloggers to work together, and nominate other bloggers that deserve recognition for their work! 🙂 x x

  4. Alanahmayblog

    I use the maybeline new york gel liner, it’s super pigmented so leaves a deep black line, a fair price and last literally forever on my eyes, but because of this I did find that if i went wrong it was super difficult to take off; even with a specialised make up wipe it was tricky. Using gel liner definitely takes a steady hand AND practice . note to self:
    do NOT decide to experiment for the first time with a gel liner 10 minutes before you’re due to go out! 😀 also if you have a second it would mean the world to me if you had a quick look at my blog, if it’s not your thing thats cool 😀

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