Day 3 – Holiday Outfits – Soot and Sparkle.

SootI’m sorry for the lack of day 3 yesterday.  If you keep up with me on twitter, you would know that my laptop charger quit out on me yesterday.  With a crashing WordPress app, a dead laptop, and a broken charger I had no options.  I did run to the Apple store late last night and sold my soul in order to buy a new charger though.  I mean $80?  Really, Apple?  Anyways, let’s move on to the happy stuff.  The outfit.

Today’s look is pretty basic and can be spruced up with a statement necklace or a patterned coat.  I kept it simple, as usual, and added a knitted bow cap to add a little bit of color.  I think this outfit is built of some very basic pieces from everyone’s wardrobe.  And it’s all black.  I’m basically a lump of walking coal.

Close upMAC Fixed On DramaKnitted Cap/Black Sweater (similar)/Skater Skirt/Vera Wang Tights/Flats/MAC Fixed On Drama Lipstick

As you guys know, I am in love with Fixed On Drama by MAC.  I am wearing it sheered out with some lip balm in this post.  It’s such a versatile shade.  I wish I would have bought like 17 of them.

So how’s it going today?  I’ll be wrapping presents all night.  Have you all finished your holiday shopping?  There are some awesome gifts out there this year!  Are you ready for tomorrow’s outfit?  I apologize again about the tardiness of this post.  Technology wasn’t on my side.  If I could have sent it to you all in smoke signals, I would have.  Have a good start to your weekends! We shall talk soon.

-Tara Joy ❤


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