Getting Personal: One Busy Girl.


I’ve had a really busy last few weeks and I thought I’d fill you in on what’s been going on with me since we spoke last.

At the end of my first week of school, B and I went on a weekend trip to Tampa to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. We got to adventure around downtown, ate heaps of scrumptious food, did some shopping, and on our last day we went to the aquarium.  I had so much fun getting away from everything even if it was just the weekend.ZeddThe following week was full of even more good times. That Thursday, I met B and some of our friends in Orlando to see Zedd live. If you’ve heard this song, you’ve heard something by Zedd. That night was completely unreal. It was one of the coolest shows I’ve ever been to. Everyone in the venue-including us- danced the entire night. I haven’t had that much fun and felt so liberated in a long time. That’s one thing about concerts and shows, you just feel so free. I saved all my energy for his The Legend of Zelda mix and after that I was just a dancing zombie. It was a fantastic, but long night.

College Tent/Sick week

This last week my roommate and I decided the best way to do homework was to make a blanket fort and stay under it until we were done. Surprisingly, this tactic worked really well! So well that we got our work done and then continued to watch tv under it too (Watching Supernatural alone is too scary anyways.). Unfortunately for me, I woke up with a fever on Wednesday morning. Since Wednesday, I’ve been curled up in my bed back home trying to ride out whatever this nasty sickness is I’ve caught. At least I’m not doing it alone. That’s right, beau is sick too. It’s Sunday now and I’m still not feeling so great. Hopefully I’ll be back at 100% soon.

School has been pretty good so far too. I like my classes and love my new room. Speaking of, I should do a new dorm tour soon! It’s in a newer building and is way more comfortable all around. I’d love to show you all what it’s like.


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