OOTD: Cars All Day, Cars All Night.

Hey there, bow friends!

Last weekend the beau and I went on a little adventure that I think is becoming a tradition.   Each year on the day after Thanksgiving, my town has an antique car parade.  Both this year and last year we walked the bridge over to the beach side to sit at the bottom and watch the cars go by.  It’s always chilly out which makes everyone a little giddy and a little goofy.
Antiques and Bridges

The town is getting lit up and shimmied into its Christmas best this year a little earlier than usual, but I’m not complaining!

DSC_0399_1The following day there’s also an antique car show because..well..all those cars have to go somewhere!  Beau and I make make believe decisions on what car we are buying that day and try and find pre 1970 mustangs.


Sweater/Jeans/Bag (similar)/Flats(similar)/Sunglasses

I’m sorry I don’t have any great shots of my outfits, but I really wanted to share my weekend with you all!  Have a great weekend everybody!  I hope your week went well.

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy ❤

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