Jump start!

The look on B’s face when I started talking about the stippling brush I wanted made me realize something I never had realized before.  I have absolutely no one to talk about make up and the like with.

I will say I am quite blessed to have a beau who still puts up with my talk about peter pan collars and how cool my four strand braid came out.  He’s probably jumping for joy at the fact that I now have an even better outlet for such things.  And that is this here lovely blog.

As far as girl friends go I am more of a guy friends type of gal.  My two close girl friends are more or less the type of girls who look at chap stick and a hair brush and go “That is just too much work.” You can kind of see my dilemma now.  I absolutely LOVE to talk spring blushes, pleats, colored jeans, platforms, matte lipsticks- you name it, we can talk about it.  I just don’t have the kind of buds that are into the same thing.  I love the idea that I can connect with other girls who are looking for people who want to talk about highlighters and hem lines.  And that’s just what I’ll do!

As far as Beaus and Bows goes, I’ll be doing lots of little things here and there!  I love a good haul so expect those!  I’m also just getting into OOTDs and have been reading many make up reviews so expect those in the future as well.  Anything that floats my little bow-t will be here for you to enjoy.

So let’s have fun, shall we?!

  • Tara Joy ❤

PS  This bow thing..if you haven’t noticed, I’m obsessed!

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