An Extremely Overdue Drugstore Lipstick Declutter.


I haven’t sorted my makeup collection since this time last year. It’s slowly grown out of control and I’ve just been realizing how many of my products are neglected, half used, or even expired. Having a bunch of products makes me feels so incredibly overwhelmed not only because there’s so much choice, but because there’s no way I’ll ever use it all. I only have one face. I decided to get back into decluttering (and YouTube!) by going through my drugstore lipsticks and I already feel better about my collection. There’s nothing quite like a little drugstore lipstick declutter to make me feel like Marie Kondo.

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CoverGirl Clean Matte BB Cream For Oily Skin.


If you’ve got oily skin and have always wanted to use a BB cream, listen up. I’ve been working more and more recently and the pressure to put on a full face is there, but I hate the feeling of a heavy base while I’m helping customers and running around the store all morning. I wanted a lighter base I could wear everyday without worry of looking cakey and greasy. Trying the CoverGirl Clean Matte BB Cream For Oily Skin was my first step into that direction and I have a lot of thoughts.

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Statement Making Purple Lipsticks for Any Skin Tone.

Statement Making Purple Lipsticks - Any Skin Tone
You know those days when your lip color isn’t doing it for you? I seem to have been having a lot of those recently. Red feels like too much for everyday. Nude is starting to feel incredibly boring. I’m not a huge pink person, but purple? I love a purple. Purples have been my go to shade when I need a pick me up and a couple of purples in particular have been really floating my boat.

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