My Weekend in LA.

Weekend Visit Los Angeles

Oh, LA. A place I never thought I’d visit or enjoy. I went to LA over Memorial Day weekend to visit B and have some down time. Living on my own is great, but I missed my best friend. Plus, sometimes you just need to escape your space and see something new. The weekend was exactly what I needed. So here we go. Weekend Visit Los Angeles Edition.

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What’s New In My Beauty Stash.

New Beauty Haul Oily SkinGuess who is sliding back into her blogging groove? It feels so good to be sitting down at the computer typing out my thoughts. Since it’s been super inconsistent these last couple months, I thought I’d keep it simple and get back into the whole thing by showing you what’s new in my beauty and skincare arsenal.

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The Best and Worst Parts of Living on My Own.

living alone good bad

I’ve been living on my own since May. It’s been a whole summer of T time. B and I moved in together in the spring of 2015 and we’ve lived together ever since. I had roommates every year in college and then lived at home before. I’ve never truly lived alone until now, but it’s been an incredible and healthy experience. There’s so many positive things that have come out of living alone, but it hasn’t all been rainbows and butterflies. Let’s get real, some things are amazing, but some things feel kind of pathetic and sad.

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