A Plus Size Forever 21 Haul and Body Positivity.

I was recently looking for plus size outfit inspo on Pinterest and couldn’t find much. Yeah, there are some more popular plus size people on there, for sure, but I couldn’t relate to their body types. Although I admired their personal style, it was very different to mine. I feel like there should be more representation of plus size women online. There’s definitely more now than ever before, but I want to help fill the gaps within the plus size blogging community by being another representation of a different body type.

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A Note to My 18-Year-Old Self.

18 Year Old Tara

I’ve been blogging for 4 years and some change. Between now and 2012, a lot has changed. I’d like to believe I’ve grown up a little and my writing style has become more me and less the typical blogger. I was going through some of my oldest posts to update their links and keep them current when I stumbled upon one of my first Face Of The Day (FOTD) posts. My early writing could make the most unabashed person cringe, but I was so surprised at how I made myself come across in this post specifically because it didn’t feel like me, then or now. If I could send a nice little note to my past self, this would be it.

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What I Got For Christmas – Lip Product Edition.

Christmas Gifts Lip Product Edition

I was absolutely spoiled by my friends and family this last holiday season. Seriously. Their thoughtfulness and generosity blew me away. After opening gifts with my family, there was a specific category of gifts that really stuck out to me. I received so. many. lip. products. I’m so excited to try them all out and I figured I’d show you what I’ll be trying and reviewing in the future.

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