What I Did Read, Am Reading, and Will Read.

book recommendations

I’ve been a stressed little bean these last couple couple weeks. 2017 is giving me a run for my money right from the get go. I’m taking everything in stride and making the best of it for sure, but sometimes you need to a break. One of the ways I’m staying sane is by escaping into a book. There’s something so relaxing and even refreshing about taking a break from your own reality by reading about someone else’s, fiction or non-fiction. I love reading other people’s book recommendations and I thought I’d put my own spin on it by sharing what I’ve just finished reading, what I’m currently reading, and what I’ll be reading next.

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A Lip Liner/ Lip Gloss/ Chubby Stick Declutter.

lip liner lip gloss chubby stick declutter

I’m not sure what came over me, but when we cam home to Virginia from Florida, I wanted to get rid of everything. We had just lived out of our suitcases for a month without any problems so coming home to our overflowing closet and my full to the brim beauty collection made me think it was time to do some decluttering. We’ve gone through all of our clothing and donated everything we didn’t want to our local GoodWill, but I’ve been putting off going through my makeup. It has been a hot minute since I decluttered any of my beauty products and things are just getting out of hand. It’s time to get back into it and we’re starting with a lip liner lip gloss chubby stick declutter.

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A Plus Size Forever 21 Haul and Body Positivity.

I was recently looking for plus size outfit inspo on Pinterest and couldn’t find much. Yeah, there are some more popular plus size people on there, for sure, but I couldn’t relate to their body types. Although I admired their personal style, it was very different to mine. I feel like there should be more representation of plus size women online. There’s definitely more now than ever before, but I want to help fill the gaps within the plus size blogging community by being another representation of a different body type.

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