Just In Case You Missed It.

A Home Vlog

Hey there bow friends, So I have been vlogging a lot these past couple months.  I briefly mentioned my new-found love for videos in my favorites, but if you missed it, let me tell you.  I am crazy about it.  Some vlogs cover what I did over spring break and a trip with B to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  A new vlog is up today all about getting some itchy hives, some cute shots of one of our kitties, a sneak peek at my vanity, and even making pizza.  Yes, lots of up close shots of making a pizza from scratch (basically).

This week is actually my last week of classes in my undergraduate career.  Isn’t that a little scary?  Beauty reviews and such will be back next week though!

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy

Getting Personal – Feeling Blue | A Hair Story.

Tara smiling while her hair is blue

Hey there bow friends,

You may have recently noticed that I have upgraded my hair yet again.  I’ve been playing with my hair a lot this year and I thought we could talk about why.  A lot of it has to do with rediscovering who I am and a lot of it has to do with appreciating myself.  That might be confusing, but let me explain.

Before we get too deep, let’s back track through some of my hair color history, shall we?  Sit back, relax, and maybe play Hair by Lady Gaga in the background to get you in the zone (I’m not going to lie, this song makes me really emotional.).

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BowTube – Recent Favorites and a Giveaway.

A collection of photos of Tara with some of her Recent FavoritesHey there everyone,

I haven’t done a favorites post in forever (literally forever). I’ve been loving making videos (Vlogs, beauty videos.) recently so I figure there wasn’t a better way to share some things I’ve been loving with you.  Including my new blue hair.  What?!  Oh yeah, and I’m hosting a little giveaway.

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FOTD – Cheap and Cheerful Spring Time.

drugstorefotd A photo of makeup products  all from the drugstore that Tara used in her makeup look Hey there bow friends! Ahh, spring time! Well, in Florida it’s basically summer, but I’m finally getting into the spring time mood.  I ended up doing some really simple and quick makeup before work the other day and came to two realizations.  1. It was super springy and fresh looking. 2. Every single thing I used was drugstore which was really exciting. Continue reading

BowTube – No Heat Curls For Summer.

Conair Pillow Soft Rollers

Hey there bow friends!

It always seems that around the spring time I get really into princess, curly hair.  Last year, I shared my favorite products for getting awesome curls, but now that I have bleached ends, I really wanted to find a way to get those curls without using heat.  Now I know what you’re thinking, everyone and their mother posts a no heat curls post/video.  It’s true.  The thing is those braids, twists, and knots never offer consistent results or really work well with my hair type.  So you can imagine how happy I was when I found the Conair Pillow Soft Rollers.

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E.l.f. Smudge Pots.

Some purple lilies with the e.l.f. smudge pots in Cruisin's Chic and Let It Go

Hey there bow friends!

I’m constantly looking for products that are easy on my wallet as well as easy to use everyday.  When I think of the perfect everyday product, I think of something that does all the work for me.  I want to apply it 1,2,3 and have it look fabulous all day and all night.  When I picked up these cream shadows, I had very low expectations and didn’t think they would out perform my favorite everyday eye products.  Who would have thought the e.l.f. Smudge Pots would be my new daily eye look champion?

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BowTube – #MarchMatteness Get Ready With Me.

March Matteness GRWM Products

Hey there bow friends!

We have sadly come to the end of #MarchMatteness and I’ve decided to finish off with a Get Ready With Me video using almost all of the products I’ve reviewed this month so you can see them in action.  I’ll link you too all of the products as well as their respective reviews (Reviews are the little x.)  so you can check out my more thorough thoughts on them.

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#MarchMatteness Bold and Bronze.

An assortment of matte bronzersHey there bow friends!

Today’s #MarchMatteness post is all about getting bronzed up and contoured with some of my absolute #1 matte bronzers. After going through matte blushes and powders it seemed only fitting that bronzers come into play.  Some of my favorites come from Tarte, NYC, MAC, Flower Beauty, and Wet N Wild.  For me they fall into three categories: only contouring, only bronzing, and multitaskers.

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#MarchMatteness The Ultimate Powder Round Up.

L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Powder, Palladio Rice Powder, Laura Mercier Mineral Powder, Maybelline FIT Me! Matte and Poreless Pressed Powder, Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder, NYC Smooth Skin BB Radiance Powder, MAC Studio Fix Powder.Hey there bow friends!

It wouldn’t be #MarchMatteness without talking about powders.  I’ve used all sorts of powders at this point in my makeup life and I’ve found that all powders perform in different ways.  Some act as complete mattifiers, some eliminate oil and shine while keeping a natural look, and some just set the makeup and allow for your natural shine to come through.  Today we’re going to be exploring all kinds including powders from Palladio, Rimmel, MAC, NYC, L’Oreal, Laura Mercier, and Maybelline (By the way, I don’t get any flashback with any of these powders in photos.).

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